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Default Community Coffee of Baton Rouge, LA

Thanks for the coffee Silound. I made my first press pot of the whole bean 100% arabica this morning. All told, this could be the best competitively priced commercial coffee I ever had. Based on the Community Coffee web site it looks like their price is low and their civic-mindedness is high.

The coffee appeared very fresh in the press pot. I would call the taste middle-of-the-road, the is body heavy and the roast is dark but not oily. This coffee is optimized for a cafe-au-lait with a teaspoon of sugar. It drank black just fine but finer still with a little sugar and some Half&Half.

If this is "grocery store" coffee at $5.59 down your way then I'd call it the best buy and best taste around. I can't wait to try their espresso blend.
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