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Default Cigar Asylum shirts v0.9

Well, there have been requests for shirts...

I set up a few, the easiest and quickest way I knew how.
They're at:

A few notes...
- We're not making any money off these - markup is 0. So don't buy one just to help us out
- None of us have ordered one yet so I cannot say exactly how well they will come out. I have ordered other shirts through printfection, but most have them are simple designs with only a few colors, not photos. The photo will not come out as clearly as it looks on the screen, but hopefully it will look good nonetheless...
- We're also working on some ideas for nicer shirts, e.g. embroidered, so this is just to give you all the options of having something now, vs waiting to see what else may come along.
- I may even add a few more designs to this site as soon as tonight.

Also - if you order more than one of the same design (even if they are different colors or sizes), the price goes down. Looks like $1 less for 2 or more, then $3 less for 12 or more, $5 less for 36 or more... So if more than one of you want to organize a buy you can save (but I don't know whether it's enough to bother if you would have to reship?)

Oh yeah - here are some coupons you can use if you order:
Below are our new coupon code updates. They will be available from January 10 through to January 31.

$5 Off $25 Order Use Promo Code: 5OFF25

$10 Off $50 Order Use Promo Code: 10OFF50

$15 Off $100 Order Use Promo Code: 15OFF100
If any of you do order one, please post pictures once you get it!

Guess that's about it!
herf wear

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