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Default (Official?) Pocket Knife Discussion Thread

Who carries, and what do you carry. Is your favorite knife your daily carry knife?

I only have 40-50 knives, most sitting in knife rolls in the closet. However, I carry two knives as a daily practice. I carry a Boker, assisted open folder, on a clip in my back pocket for quick access and heavy cutting. I carry a Wenger Huntsman model Swiss Army Knife (SAK) as my utility knife. The Boker goes in my right-rear pocket, the Wegner in my front-left pocket.

While these are my daily carries, I have a Camillius three blade that is a little over 4 inches folded that probably rates as my favorite. Not a glamour knife, and is carbon steel instead of SS blades, but it is one tough knife. Probably 25-30 years old, bone handle, and the steel will take an edge like no other knife I know. Used to be a daily carry, but is a little on the heavy size and lacks the "extra" tools on my SAK.

For serious backpacking trips, I have a Blackhawk that has a large drop point blade (locking, almost 6 inches) and one efficient saw blade that will cut through a tree if needed. This is my second favorite knife.

For more serious work, I have a two knife set of Buck skinning knives I use for my deer cleaning needs. Both are drop point, nice balance and weight, with rubberized handles. I actually like the smaller 4 inch blade over the larger 7 to 8 inch blade.

There you have it.

What do you guys carry and why.
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