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Default Re: Pumping Iron with Adiftpanda and Icehog3 II

Originally Posted by icehog3 View Post
Get to da squat rack!

Nice going, Greg, hope you're feeling good. Was it a purple haze?
Honolulu haze, does that count

Originally Posted by 4WheelVFR View Post
Me and a couple other guys are trying to get our Sheriff to do some updates to our gym.....we don't even have a squat rack for cryin' out loud. A few machines that nobody likes, treadmills that have seen better days, and a small assortment of free weights. It's hard getting blood from a turnip though lol

Sounds like our school gym. 2 treadmills, one is stuck in the incline position, both are falling apart. All the dumbbell rubber coatings are ripped or torn off. Barbells, every time I grab one, I need to make sure that the bolts are tightened down.

They recently just purchased the change/adjustable weight things and they are adding some body weight stuff to the ceiling.

In all fairness, no one takes care of the equipment. I try to set an example by cleaning and arranging the wights, but the next day it's a mess
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