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Default Air handling in my smoking room.

Hey all, been off the forum for a while. Could use some advice.

After years of dreaming about it, I'm finally building a shop / smoking lounge. I detest the term Man Cave. This is a place I can store and tinker on my motorcycles and have the gang over for cigars. I will post some pics but wanted some help / advice on air handling.

It's 936 sq feet and with 6 inch stud construction and drywall it's got 880 sq ft of useable space. 10 foot walls with parallel chord trusses making for a 15 foot ceiling height at peak.

Being in Winnipeg, in-floor heating was a must for winter months. I ran 1,000 feet of Rehau tubing in the 6" pad (1 foot thickened edge) I utilized Halo insulation under the concrete and below the tubing. 4 zone Rehau manifold with a 10KW boiler. Also employing an HRV to turn the air about 5-6 times an hour. In the coldest months I will need to cope with heat loss so my electrician is considering a solution possibly using a duct heater. Also considering a way to use the boiler for secondary heat. It might be a nightmare to "plumb" so in-duct heater might be how we're going. I have 100 amp service but don't want to go to the poorhouse paying the hydro bill.

The last piece of the puzzle is some secondary air handling equipment to deal with the smoke. The HRV should remove most but I've been thinking about adding 4 Purifan units on the ceiling. I saw them in JD's office at Drew Estates in Miami and they seemed to really work.

Other forums have been saying they are not good for cigar smoke. Others are suggesting an ionizing unit.

The HRV goes in next week along with the boiler and manifold.

Anyone have any suggestions? I guy I know has a kick ass HRV but he paid $40k and it costs a bundle to run. I'm looking for a champagne solution on a beer budget. I also worry about cigars burning poorly and unsure if I will be creating pressure imbalances using the HRV and the fans?

Any closet mechanical / electrical engineers who smoke out there?

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