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Default Re: Cigar Monster Prices Recently

Originally Posted by Alpedhuez55 View Post
Cigar Bid seems to be putting up a lot of lots of Nortenos in both boxes and fivers. I got a box of Bellicoso Fino for $52 a couple of weeks back as well as a fiver of the same for $25. They have the larger sizes as well.

I have had luck on Camacho's there too with fivers of the American Barrel Aged for $20-25. Camachos there never seem to get close to retail. Bidding is just a pain.

Cigar monster deals are so so at best. Sometimes they have some good closeouts on the Famous site.
I post this yesterday and today I buy a box of 10 Herrera Estali Toro Tubos for $59. The fivers of toros were $29.42 at Cigar Page sale, so price wise it was a wash, but presentation wise, I will have the box and tubes.
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