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Default Re: Best Budget / Value Sticks $3 and under

These are a little over $3...but if you go to Free Fall Auctions section on Cigar Bid, the ten packs La Aroma de Cuba Robustos will bottom out at about $32-33. Just sit and watch the price drop. Sometimes it will reset on you at around $40 but if you are patient it will drop lower.

And I cannot stress enough for cheap sticks, J Fuego Heat Corojo. Bundles are all around $35-$45 on Cigar page depending on size and often on sale for about $30 a bundle. The Robusto was a 90 rated Best Buy on the CA top 25 list. Smooth medium bodied smoke with sweet spice and pepper. The 5er of Toros is on sale thru Friday 9:00 AM EST for $10 shipping included as part of the Labor Day fiver Sale. Anyone looking for cheap sticks should take advantage of this one.
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