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Default Re: Wireless RH w/ Smartphone app?

Just ran into this thread. I have a SensorPush for a couple of months now and I like it. My humidor (from Waxing Moon) is in ky home office in the lower level. Once I wrap the day or on weekends I tend not to go in the office unless I'm choosing a cigar. I like that it warns me with alerts if it goes out of the ranges I have set. I don't have it on WiFi just Bluetooth to the iOS app so I only get readings if I'm home. I was on vacation for a week and the temp went above the upper warning limit. It told me about it when I got home and provided the events and duration by flagging the graph in red when it was above the temp range.

I have also noticed that when the beads go dry humidity holds for a day or two and then begins a slow but visible drop. When I see that drop start I know it's time to add distilled water.
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