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Default Found a cool shop in Hampton Beach, NH

Yesterday, the wife and I went to Hampton Beach, NH as part of our 22nd anniversary weekend and we found a shop on the beach called Just Cigars. It was a small shop with a pretty good selection considering it's only open three months a year, during the summer season. I had brought some CC's with me but they were still in the car so I picked up a Baccarat Bonita, a little 4 X 30 stick 'cause I was with the wife and we wanted to do a little shopping, drinking and arcade stuff. They had a little smoking area on the covered boardwalk area, so I sat there with Bob, the guy running the shop; very cool guy! It was the first NC I've smoked in quite a while and it was tasty as hell so I went back in and picked-up a fiver. As I was paying for that, I spotted another, smaller case with some Ligas; Flying Pigs, Feral Flying Pigs, Papas Fritas and Dirty Rats. The wife insisted I get a Dirty Rat, as I haven't even seen one in years. Bob threw in a Papas Fritas as a gift. Bob told me that in Hampton, you can smoke anywhere outside; even bars and stuff, as long as it's open to the outside and the people running it don't mind. I made it back to the car to retrieve my CC's so on my way back in that direction I gave Bob one of the LFdC's I brought with me. I have no connection with the shop but if you're ever in Hampton Beach, stop in; it's a great place to smoke, people watch and look at the waves. Here's a link to their web page:
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