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Default Aristocrat Upgrades

So the brains died on my aristocrat S&F. Bob was his usual helpfull self and was very apologetic, my unit died 4-6 years before its expected lifespan. So he gave me a super deal on a new controller and I will send my old one back too him so he can see what failed and make improvements for the next generation.

Since I was getting a package anyways I ordered a secondary humidifier but rather than just getting another 1.5qt, I*opted for a XL hurricane 2 humidifier. Bob installed a slightly smaller fan on this one as its a tad large for my humidor. He said more and more people are ordering them like this.

The 1.5qt comes with a 19cfm fan
The Hurricane2 I have has a 35cfm fan installed
The Hurricane2 normally comes with a 120cfm fan

So as the package is enroute it gets detained in customs, spending 10 days in ontario so the CBSA could charge me 25$ for the time lost....

So i figured I would give my Plus48 a good cleaning. I also grabbed some aquarium grade silicone and sealed up the cable passthrough better, as well as one seam that I didnt like the look of.

Bubba finally made it here. 1.5qt clear top vs 4 qt hurricane 2.

Bob included the additional wiring, Im going to run it up the main artery in the back right hand side. I moved the 1.5qt up too the top of the unit and put the H2 at the bottom where the 1.5qt used too be.

Video to come....
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