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Default Re: Someone contact border control

Originally Posted by Remo View Post
That sucks, let's hope there are no more. At 62* I wonder if that hole was there before they came to you
I suspect the hole was there long before I got the cigar as well. No tobacco bits were about and I really have more of a cigar wine refridgerator so even if he did exit in there, really not a contained space but I looked around to check just in case.

The temperature ranges from 58 degrees to 64 as the high before the cooler turns on so generally it stays cool at an average of 62 I am guessing.

Temperature data I found suggests keeping it this cool is an effective deterrent and kills eggs and larvae.

Cigars stored at less then 18 degrees C cannot become infected and all eggs die within 6 weeks. 18 degrees C = 64.4 F.

So this suggests either it exited shortly after arrival or before I got the box and this cigar came from a box I ordered about a year ago and recently unpacked to store in the trays. The box was in the bootom of the cigar fridge and its about 4 degrees F cooler there so really unfriendly to stow-a-ways and the lower trays are where I store the ISOMs so they stay nice and cool and a bit drier as well which helps them out IMHO.

Still, kind of interesting to see it ate its way out of the cellophane hah.
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