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Default Re: Signed Tat Black, 1 of 1000 jar and cigars.

Originally Posted by Zoomschwortz View Post
After seeing the pictures of the tragic humidor jar death, a MontyPython sketch came to mind.

If I remember correctly, John Cleese was an auctioneer selling rare antiques.
During the auction of a rare set of glasses he wasn't getting the price he wanted so he dropped and broke a glass.
When the price still did not go up as much as he wanted, he kept dropping them until the price got to where he wanted.

We have here 2 of 998 Tat Black humidor Jars, do we hear 997?

Sorry about that, but if you read some of my old posts, I can get a little demented
LOL - I had a few guys thank me as they perceived the value of their jars went just a tad higher...
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