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I'm back
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Default Signed Tat Black, 1 of 1000 jar and cigars.

It's been a long time since I was last here.

My cigar smoking has dropped to one or two handfuls a year and one of my last Herfs was years ago in Seattle at the Vertigo Club when Pete Johnson was there.

Needless to say, I have been out of the cigar loop and have lost touch with cigar values.

Anyone have any idea what a Pete Johnson signed, Tat Black Ceramic Jar, Box and Cigars are worth? 1 of 1000 jars & 19 of 19,000 cigars.

The cigars are still in the foil wrapper, but years ago, I did open the top flap to check on them when someone online felt that they could mold in the foil wrapper. They look fine.

I see that someone has a ceramic jar on ebay for $1250.00

I had a few of these when they came out and added a jar and cigars to an auction for the Troops shortly after I acquired them.

I am down to the above jar w/cigars and an empty signed jar, but I don't remember if I still have the box for it.

I originally planned on smoking these cigars when they hit 5 years old and then moved the date to my retirement (which was last October).
Now I am thinking that due to the small amount of smoking I now do and seeing that I have acquired the palate of a goat, it would be foolish to waste these rare cigars on such a diminished palate.

So, anyone have any idea of what these are now worth?

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