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Default Re: Plug in Humidor that Works

As a beginner I used beads, a variety of storage container, 2 desk top humidors, and vinotemp cooler, in my case, acquired a collection of precious cigars and found it too labor intensive trying to maintain an ideal environment. Over 35 years ago decided to take the plunge down the infamous slippery sloop and spent $1800 for an end table humidor 'Reliant' from a manufacturer who still remains in business. They do offer a less expensive version 'Sentinel' for around $1200, I am not familiar with this style, nor have I read any of the customer reviews, whether the features are similar/same as the 'Reliant' I do not know?

IMO, best purchase I have ever made, as hassle free as it gets, control panel to adjust desired humidity level, red light comes on to let me know it's time to add distilled water, that is it. The manufacturer recommends changing the $15 filter and 'bactirastatat solution' $15, every 6 months, I probably get around to it once per year, if that. Anyhow, for what it's worth decided to add my $.02.
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