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Default Cigar Tasting... Wish I was there!

I came across this video of Jose Blanco doing a cigar blending seminar. Basically, he gives the audience 4 cigars. Each one is a puro from a specific region and type of plant. The tasting is blind, so the audience doesn't know what region they are from. He asks the audience to smoke 1/4 of a cigar and describe it. They go through all 4 cigars and compare the flavors and then reveals the region and/or leaf type.

Wow! I wish I was in the audience for that. I've been wanting to challenge myself the same way, with a blind tasting of regional puros, but it's been hard to execute due to a few factors. Primarily, that most non-Cubans are blends and the non-cuban puros of certain regions may not be a perfect representation of that regions flavor sue to it's composition of filler (ligero, seco and viso)and the further issue of differing types of wrappers. Basically, unless you are a grower/ blender/roller (IE Own a cigar company)it's pretty hard to do.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to replicate something like this? Anyone else as interested as I am in something like this?

Either way, the video is very cool, as are a bunch of his other "seminar" videos.
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