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Default New Hobby: Bee Keeping

Grace and I have been talking about keeping honey bees for a couple years, and we finally got serious about it this winter; did some reading and attended a couple of presentations. I enrolled in a 6-week bee keeping class that started this past weekend and just placed my order for a starter hive & initial package of bees that will be ready for us around mid-April.

Not looking to do anything more than maintain a single hive for the moment. But even with just one hive, given the proper oversight and care, you can yield 60+ lbs of honey by end of the season. I'm thinking you might see honey in future troop auctions, Secret Santa gifts and herfs. We're not doing this to produce a lot of honey, but as a fat guy with a sweet tooth, I'm not going to complain if we do.

Always been interested in honey bees, and recently their populations have been dwindling. As one of the prime pollinators, if the bees go, our food supply is negatively impacted. Again speaking as a fat guy, I need to do my part to ensure the food supply remains robust.

Plus I already have the smoking part of bee keeping down. I just may opt to blow some ERDM Choix their way instead of whatever the hell it is they put in the bee smoker.

Will keep this thread updated with what I am sure will be an (occasionally comical) adventure.
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