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Default Re: Beginner Questions (Ask Them Here!)

Originally Posted by icehog3 View Post
The white mold won't really hurt you unless it gets inside the foot of the cigar. I'd wipe it off before smoking one of those Padrons though.
Padrons, and Dirty Rats, and, and, and "many of them".

That many cigars all with different tobaccos from different regions and different ages, all stored at 72 degrees and 72%RH, all magically showing signs of plume is unlikely.

Some tobaccos will never develop plume, others can do it quite quickly.

Padron cigars undergo some unique handling of their capa leaves, something that removes a lot of the oils and sugars that could potentially lead to plume. Just prior to rolling, rather than store them in a high humidity area, or pass them through this area on a conveyor machine, or use a misting system, right at the back of the rolling floor, Padron actually dunks them repeatedly in buckets of water, and then wrings them out like dirty dish rags. That water is black with compounds coming from the tobacco. This is one of the reasons why Padron wrappers have a unique look & sheen to them.

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