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Default Humidor problems

I need help. I just got a humidor 3 weeks and and follows the instructions and calibrated the hydrometer and everything. Hydrometer never got to 75% which it said it should after 8 hrs. So I moved it to 75% like instructed and it has sat at 70% ever since so I figured everything was alright. I bought a electric hydrometer just to see if the one with the humidor was close. Same thing, calibrated and everything and it never got to 75% only 68% so after reading I figured its off 7%. No big deal when reading it. However when I put it in the humidor over night it the electric one dropped to 50%. So now I don't know if the electric one is completely off or if it is right and the one in the box is off and I need to do something to god humidor. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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