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Default Palio Cutters Acquired By Other Company

Apparently this is 'old' news from November, but I just learned about it
from a post on today. Palio Cutters has been sold by
Mark (BOTL, LLC) to Quality Importers. The new company will still honor
the lifetime warranty, but they are shifting production from USA to China.
Here's an article from Cigar Journal:

"Quality Importers Trading Company, a procurement company best known for its humidor and cigar accessory distribution, has acquired Palió. The acquisition will increase product inventory, improve pricing flexibility and introduce new customization options for Palió products, including its signature guillotine-style cigar cutter.

“Palió is known for its high-quality products and is a well-known name in the industry,” said Michael Giordano, president of Quality Importers. “As industry experts, we have exciting plans that will make the brand available to more consumers and introduce it to new markets.”

The acquisition will enable Quality Importers to produce customized Palió products for cigar companies. In addition, Quality Importers plans to manufacture new varieties of the signature cutter including a metal body version and a version to better handle large ring gauge cigars. Despite the acquisition, Quality Importers will uphold Palió’s “No Questions Asked” warranty and replacement policy.

Palió’s signature cutter, which utilizes one moving blade and one fixed blade, was issued a patent in 2000. In 2010, Cigar Journal (then known as European Cigar Journal) awarded Palio Cutters the Cigar Trophy in the category Best Accessory. In 2012, the company announced a single flame torch lighter. Palió was owned by Mark Aub through Brothers of the Leaf, L.L.C. prior to the acquisition in August 2015.

This marks Quality Importers’ 11th acquisition. The company performed similar acquisitions of Cigar Caddy® and Stinky CigarTM and recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights of Ortega Premium Cigars in July 2015."

According to an article on Halfwheel, the acquisition did not include
Esencia cigars, which remains owned by BOTL. Best of luck to Mark in
whatever his next venture/adventure will be.
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