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Default Re: Sous vide

I finally moved on to some white meat
Pork Chops seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh peeled garlic and Rosemary.
Served over sauteed cabbage and some sauteed apples on the side.
140 for 45 minutes. Finished, also, in cast iron.

These were the perfect pork chops!
Wonderfully moist and tender.
I was finally 100% happy with the sear I got, too!

Lastly I moved onto a 50oz ribeye steak.
I don't think the pics do it justice. This was a massive hunk of a steak!
Simple salt & pepper seasoning.
Again, 132 for 90 min. This time I finished over charcoal.

Just amazing!
I would've never been able to cook a steak like this, this well, without the sous vide method.
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