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Default Re: Sam Gawith 1792 Flake

been smoking this here at work when i get a chance. bought a tin a while ago when i was regularly going to the GKCPC meetings, and just decided to rub out the entire tin and put it in a mason jar.... smoking it in a BC Lovat that is dedicated to "lakelands", and this is the only lakeland i have right now.

since i don't smoke much anymore, like one pipe a month or so, the nicotine punch can be pretty dramatic, so i only smoke half a bowl and finish the other half in a day or two. this normally wouldn't affect me when i use to smoke more often, but now i'm outta practice and have no tolerance built up.

again, this is top notch tobacco in every aspect, it's just up to whether or not you like the flavor. I've since got a few co-workers/friends hooked on it.
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