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Default Frozen Mojito - Awesome!!!

A Vitamix helps but in the end, any blender will do. Only difference will be how fine it crushes the ice. The finer the better.

Handful of mint leaves to taste (I like about a dozen or so leaves)
2 oz of rum (Bacardi for me)
Ice to thickness taste (first time, add gradually and stop where you like as you blend it)
4 oz Island Oasis Frozen Mojito Mix (you can find it on their website - online store or local distributor)

Blend, serve and drop a 1/2 to 3/4 oz of rum to float and swirl around.
Drink, get buzzed on only one drink and wonder how that happened and enjoy.

As a Cuban, I never thought I would destroy our classic drink in this fashion but man, it is good on a hot FL day.

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