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Default Re: Hydrating Tobacco

I had a tin of Squadron Leader that was at least 7 years old. I had lost it in my office dresser that I keep stuff in. I opened it and it was like a cement block. I took the block out and chipped away at it to separate it and put it in a zip lock bag. Then I stole one of the wife's tupperware containers with the lid. The tobacco goes into the tupperware and I put a big bottle cap from a gatorade bottle with a wet paper towel piece inside. On goes the top and I left it alone for 24hrs. No change. So another 24. Then another 24 and it is changing. After the 5th day I took the cap out (almost dry) and fluffed up the lovely tobacco. I am glad this works. It does not work as well with cigars. They lose their oils when dry and do not come back as nicely.
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