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Originally Posted by badbriar View Post
Mark - what modifications have you done on your Poppery Ii ?
I've made no modifications to the Westbend Poppery II Rob. I use it as is and it works just fine. I run it for about a minute prior to placing 4oz of green beans in to it to warm it up. When the beans are nearing the end of their roasting cycle, they are expanding in size and weigh less. Thus, they tend to get thrown easier from the roasting area. I have a small hand held strainer that fits easily over the mouth of the roaster, preventing any beans from escaping. That works just fine for me.

On You Tube, you can find a video regarding the Westbend Poppery II, wherein the host is using an "extention tube," which I believe is for a dryer unit. Its about 3" in diameter and fits in the mouth of the roaster. I believe it gives you about a 4" - 6" height which prevents the roasted beans from escaping. At the end of the roast, you have to be careful as the extension is very hot, and will need to be removed by a pair of pliers.

Nonetheless, I simply dump my roasted beans in to a large metal strainer and toss them around for a couple of minutes, to get rid of any remaining chaff and to cool the beans. I then place them on to a cookie sheet and spread them out. The cookie sheet is sitting on two cooling racks so cool air can travel underneath. They cool quickly.

I'm in the process of roasting a pound of green beans in 4oz batches. I wait about 15 minutes post roast for the Poppery II to cool down, prior to starting in on the next 4oz batch. I'm purposely pushing the Poppery II at this point to see how long it can take it. I'm roasting now about every other week. So, we'll see what takes place
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