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Default Re: Col. & Rev review request...

Originally Posted by Col. Kurtz View Post
I'm game.

The only English I have in stock at the moment is Squadron Leader and Meat Pie. Neither I'd classify as "stout". I have been eying 965 and Nightcap. However, I don't know where on the spectrum 965 and say Frog Mortons lie... I could easily be talked into picking up another tin of tobacco upon a good recommendation though.
965 and Nightcap are absolutely superb blends!!! They are on the strong side flavor-wise and some will say they are also strong on the vitamin N side as well. Very few pipe tobaccos phase me much after enjoying cigars like the LFD line, etc. A recommendation on 965... let it age and mellow for a while before you bother with it. My first bowl full from a newly opened tin was IMHO, horrible. Tongue bite, scratchy throat - not good! Fast forward 4 months... smooth as a little kitten with awesome flavors. One of my favorites now. Nightcap is even darker and full of flavor.
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