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Default Re: "Fresh roasted" subscription company

Yes, the $19 for the 6 oz of coffee beans, which includes the cost of shipping, every 2 weeks seems a bit much. Definitely found the sample fresh and were it not for the cost I would subscribe, having it delivered to the door certainly is convenient. Usually make a trip to Santa Cruz 1-2 times a month shopping for specific items and would not be that much out of the way to add the local roasters to the shopping list. Usually never freeze my beans but last couple of purchases made the mistake of buying beans in large packages and have not been able to keep the bean remotely fresh for more than a couple weeks once the package was opened, although a poor fix seemed to me freezing and quick zap has a better flavor than the stale beans?? If local roasters strike my fancy just a matter of purchasing enough to get me thru to the next trip. Thank you to all, appreciate comments and suggestions!!
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