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Default Re: Pumping Iron with Zemekone and Icehog3 II

Left myself super short on time for my workout today, didn't get to arms, but ended up having a great back workout. 16 sets in about 25 minutes. 8 sets of pullups (varying grips) to failure, 5 sets on Bentover Rows for reps to 295, and wide cable rows for 3 sets of 260.

My back (and wind) was hammered after the 8 sets of pullups on minimal rest, yet I was able to hammer out high reps at 265, 275, 285 and 295 on the rows.

Love when you can turn a potentially bad workout into a great one.

Thanks Dave, Julian, James, Kelly, Peter, Gerry, Dave, Mo, Frank, Týr and Mark!
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