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Default Black teas - online vendors?

Currently on meds that turn coffee undrinkable for me. I find I can drink tea with no punishment and have started looking at loose tea. I have a good infuser from Teavana and have tried their English Breakfast tea. I like that tea but am looking for other recommendations. Teavana has a B&M store near me. I'm also wondering what online vendors might be good as well as which of their black teas folks could recommend. BTW, when asking for the english breakfast tea, the clerk at teavana actually told me it was not very good, somewhat dehydrated, etc., BUT, THIS TEA at over 5 times the cost was quite the product. I believe it was golden monkey, or some such. I may actually be interested in that tea, but the pressure really turned me off. I asked her why Teavana is selling a substandard, poorly stored tea. She shut up.
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