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Default Cafe Fumar - Seco Blend

I was fortunate enough to receive a selection of coffee from Armando. Today was my first chance to properly enjoy my coffee.

I ground the coffee to a medium grind, maybe on the coarse side a little. Using my good old manual Zassenhaus. I didn't catch much aroma off the grind, I enlisted the help of my roommate's three year old daughter to grind the beans for me.

I brewed it up as normal. There was an earthy aroma to the coffee after it was brewed, very nice. I drank it black, no sugar or other sweetener. It was a very earthy coffee, slight char taste, and there were hints of boysenberry. The bag said blueberry but I got boysenberry, what can I say? The finish had a bitter cocoa flavor that I enjoyed.

The blend of beans was a mix between light and dark roasted Ethiopian Sidamo beans according to Cafe Fumar's site. Some of the beans were very lightly roasted, appearing to be just after first crack. I think these were very freshly roasted as the bags expanded quite a bit, I think, due to outgassing.

I won't give you a numerical rating, I'll just say that I enjoyed this coffee quite a bit. As usual the coffee made me sleepy and this made me take a nice little nap. Which is why I have to drink coffee on the weekend.
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