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Default Favorite loose leaf?

I really enjoy a Vanilla Creme Earl Gray that I purchased from Teavana.

The bitterness of the black tea is very nicely balanced out with bits of cornflower and vanilla that brew together to create a very nice golden tea.

My opinion of the best method for brewing: 2tsp of tea in a spoon strainer left still in a cup of just-under boiling water (pull the pot when you can hear the water hissing inside, but before the pot screams at you). I find that water in full boil makes the tea too bitter for my particular tastes. Stir the strainer 12 times to agitate the oils from the tea which should be visible as having settled at the bottom of the cup. I personally enjoy this tea without sugar, but I'd recommend not adding more than a tsp of sugar, as it gets far too sweet (again, according to my palate).
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