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Default Re: Moncada cigars?

Originally Posted by ksandy View Post
I just got back from a cruise (Princess) to Roatan and saw Sr. Moncada rolling on the square next to the hair braiding lady. I bought a pack of 7; immediately tried one....liked it so much, I bought 3 more packs. I also touted their quality to a few other people in front of the roller....they also bought some and Sr. Moncado rewarded my salesmanship with 4 additional free cigars. They are NOT tightly rolled, but definitely a 50 minute + smoke...leathery...tasty and mild. The price went up to $20/7...but up the stairs to the right was another store with Cubans @ $15 ea. I've tried 'em all and Cubans are not worth me. A good Dominican is just as good, so don't be lured into the mystique.
Opinions vary greatly.

And since you've tried them all, we'd love to hear more about your perceptions of the individual marcas/vitolas.
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