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Default Re: Tea Strainer What do you use?

Originally Posted by Steelergar View Post
Can you recomend a good site to buy a gaiwan? I want a Yixing clay one.
I carry an assortment of gaiwans. However, they are not usually made using just Yixing clay. A gaiwan is usually made using either porcelain or another ceramic glaze. This is so that the gaiwan does not retain the tea oils of specific oils. Yixing clay teapots are unglazed and are meant to hold the tea oils of the specific tea that you infuse in them. Therefore, you only use a Yixing that you started to use for oolong tea for only oolong teas forever. So, you may have a Yixing teapot for oolongs, one for ripe pu-erh, one for raw pu-erh, etc.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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