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Default Re: OK ...Tea fans recommend me a tea pot

I recommend a Gaiwan hands down over all * If your good with your hands * They can be a bit awkward at times, but you rinse it before use with hot water/toss in some leaf, add water, steep and get a quick blast of tea into a cup- which would be much faster then the pour time from a Yixing ( so you have to consider that while you steep as well) Or you can drink right out of the Gaiwan, and add fresh water when theres only 1/3-1/4 liquid left.

I have to mention I tend to only use a Gaiwan for Greens-whites.. etc. For Oolong-Pu-erh I use Yixing =] =] =]
( but also have a tetsubin/tea tasting brewing cup/Plastic chinese thermos ment for brewing tea in which has a screen so the tea filters out. Once again you can drink right out of it if your at your job, and quality is NOT the most important thing, or you can flush it many times into a mug for an exact brew time)

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