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Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 01:30 PM
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Posted By Steve
So I did a thing...
Forum: Jokes 04-16-2019, 01:13 PM
Replies: 5,301
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Posted By Steve
Re: Funny Pics II's%20Redneck%20Cousin.jpg
Forum: Jokes 04-15-2019, 08:53 AM
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Posted By Steve
Job security

A college student could not take his seminar final exam because of a funeral.

"No problem," the teacher told him. "Make it up the following week." That week came, and again he couldn't take the...
Forum: Jokes 04-15-2019, 08:51 AM
Replies: 1
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Posted By Steve

There was once a young man who, in his youth, professed his desire to become a great writer.

When asked to define 'great' he said, "I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff...
Forum: Wine, Beer, and Spirits 04-13-2019, 12:19 PM
Replies: 1,717
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Posted By Steve
Re: The Bourbon Thread!!

Pre-Happy Hour picture!.jpg

Not much left of that bottle Post-Happy Hour. Paying royally for last nights fun today!
Forum: Jokes 04-09-2019, 11:42 AM
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Posted By Steve
Smile This one's for Greg (Longknocker)!

As the manager of our hospital's softball team, I was responsible for returning equipment to the proper owners at the end of the season.

When I walked into the surgery department carrying a bat...
Forum: Jokes 04-05-2019, 07:08 AM
Replies: 2
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Posted By Steve
The Frugal Shoplifter

A shoplifter was caught red-handed trying to steal a watch from an exclusive jewelry store.

"Listen," said the shoplifter, "I know you don't want any trouble either. What do you say I just buy...
Forum: General Discussion 04-04-2019, 08:08 AM
Replies: 13
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Posted By Steve
Re: He can't be 357?

Happy birthday Mike!
Forum: Jokes 04-01-2019, 10:13 AM
Replies: 1
Views: 104
Posted By Steve
April 1st

Q: Why is everyone so tired on April 1?
A: Because they've just finished a long March!

Q: What would you get if you crossed Halloween with April 1?
A: April Ghoul's Day!

Q: What's the best...
Forum: Jokes 03-26-2019, 10:33 AM
Replies: 4
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Posted By Steve
Sleep issues

This guy had a problem of oversleeping. He was always late for work, and his boss was getting mad. So he went to the doctor and got some pills that were supposed to help.

That night he slept well...
Forum: General Discussion 03-24-2019, 04:17 PM
Replies: 20
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Posted By Steve
Re: A ToE Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Forum: Jokes 03-17-2019, 03:41 PM
Replies: 2
Views: 187
Posted By Steve
In honor of St. Paddy's day...

Rim shots provided free of charge.

Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?
A: Real rocks are too heavy.

Q: Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun?
A: Because they're...
Forum: General Discussion 03-14-2019, 08:52 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 346
Posted By Steve
Re: elderboy35!!

Happy Birthday!
Forum: Jokes 03-13-2019, 09:03 AM
Replies: 6
Views: 192
Posted By Steve
The Lonely Frog

A lonely frog telephoned the Psychic Hotline and asked what his future holds.

His Personal Psychic Adviser tells him, "You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know...
Forum: General Discussion 03-12-2019, 07:55 PM
Replies: 14
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Posted By Steve
Re: Mac's Memorial information

Thanks for posting this guys. I wish I could make it up there, but it doesn't look good for me. I will be there in spirit, and I will definitely light up a few Maduros Saturday in his honor...

Forum: Jokes 03-12-2019, 09:00 AM
Replies: 0
Views: 136
Posted By Steve

Mom: "Don't let me ever catch you doing that again!"

Kid: "I'll try, but you're so quiet sometimes."
Forum: General Discussion 03-05-2019, 12:55 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 409
Posted By Steve
Re: You've Got Issues!!!

Happy Birthday Brother!
Forum: Jokes 03-05-2019, 10:36 AM
Replies: 1
Views: 216
Posted By Steve
Hard working son...

A clergyman, walking down a country lane, sees a young farmer struggling to load hay back onto a cart after it had fallen off.

"You look hot, my son," said the cleric. "Why don't you rest a...
Forum: Jokes 03-04-2019, 10:30 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 229
Posted By Steve
Smart Cabbie

Two cab drivers met.

"Hey," asked one, "what's the idea of painting one side of your cab red and the other side blue?"

"Well," the other responded, "when I get into an accident, you should see...
Forum: Jokes 02-28-2019, 08:59 PM
Replies: 5,301
Views: 787,374
Posted By Steve
Forum: Jokes 02-21-2019, 07:21 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 328
Posted By Steve
Thanks Boss!!!

John goes to see his supervisor in the front office.

"Boss," he says, "we're doing some heavy house-cleaning at home tomorrow, and my wife needs me to help with the attic and the garage, moving...
Forum: Jokes 02-20-2019, 12:01 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 320
Posted By Steve
Re: Shaving trick...

I see what you did there Jeff!!! :lr
Forum: Jokes 02-20-2019, 09:06 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 320
Posted By Steve
Shaving trick...

An old cowboy walks into a barbershop for a shave and a haircut.

He tells the barber he can't get all his whiskers off because his cheeks are wrinkled from age. The barber gets a little wooden...
Forum: Jokes 02-18-2019, 10:45 AM
Replies: 5,301
Views: 787,374
Posted By Steve
Re: Funny Pics II

Forum: Jokes 02-12-2019, 02:26 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 303
Posted By Steve
The Gifts...

Three sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. Getting back together, they discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother.

The first said, "I built a big house for our...
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