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8zeros 09-08-2018 07:04 PM

I've been away
I just checked back in after a while. I have been attending to life's complications and and I have kept enjoying cigars but not enthusiastic about it. I have my cigar smoking buddies or I just get time to relax and enjoy.
So I find out Peter, Pnoon, has passed. Man, that hurts me for some reason. I never met the man. I had minimal interaction with him. I liked him. He was a defining presence on this board. I miss him here.
People do pass all the time and we get over it. I care a lot about the ones I know and love and I feel their pain and loss. I also feel their happiness and love. This is the burden and the blessing of empathy.
Everyone, look at yourselves. Look at the ones you know. How do they show up to you? How do you show up to them?
Be the one you want them to be.
RIP, Peter.

dijit 09-09-2018 04:38 AM

Re: I've been away
Well said brother

icehog3 09-10-2018 09:00 AM

Re: I've been away
Well put, Roger.

Peter's loss is immeasurable in this community.

St. Lou Stu 09-10-2018 12:31 PM

Re: I've been away
Glad you're back Roger.
Well said. If we all strive to be a fraction of the man he was, this world is a better place.

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