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CigarNut 11-02-2017 04:42 PM

Looking For A Grill...
I’m looking for a good grill with a searing burner. It does not need a side burner or a rotisserie — those are “nice to haves”.

So far I’ve found the Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB ( and the Weber Summit S-470 (

Any thoughts on these or any other grills?

Flynnster 11-02-2017 05:13 PM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
I worked at a high end grill manufacturer, their grills started at $13,000. Even if I had unlimited money I would probably still go for a Weber. When I moved out of the city, I was gifted a Weber Genesis from 1995 that still works like a dream. They will have parts for them forever, and with a bit of TLC, they simply last.

Wharf Rat 11-02-2017 05:21 PM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
I have a Weber Genesis bought in 2001. I replaced the angle irons that go over the burner. Otherwise, fine

Tio Gato 11-02-2017 05:42 PM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
Weber for sure. I've had two. The first lasted almost 20 years. Uncovered in rain and snow. Got a stainless one now and I expect to get a lot of years out of it.:2

T.G 11-02-2017 11:18 PM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
I'd go with the Weber, Michael. While I don't have that model or even that series, I do have a 10 year old Genesis gasser that has a ton of hours on it and every problem I've experienced, they fixed / replaced under warranty without debate.

8lug 11-07-2017 02:45 PM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
If charcoal is an option, its hard to beat a big green egg.

nayslayer 11-08-2017 08:12 AM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
I love my Char griller

mosesbotbol 11-08-2017 08:53 AM

Re: Looking For A Grill...
I have been digging my Chargriller that is half gas half charcoal. You get two seperate grills in one unit. Has a side burner which is great to light the chimenea.

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