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massphatness 01-22-2017 11:31 AM

New Postal Rates: Jan 2017
FYI ...

Printed out some Small Flat Rate Box labels today and saw the price had jumped 5% from $6.80 to $7.15

FWIW ...

If you have a USPS account, you can buy pre-paid priority mail boxes of any size. The boxes come pre-printed with your return address and are pre-paid with a "forever" label that the post office will honor no matter when it's mailed, irrespective of future price increases. The boxes also come with a pre-assigned tracking number.

Boxes cost postage only -- no additional fees for the PO shipping them to you.

See link at USPS website HERE

I've used them with great success in the past. The labels don't show up in your account which means you need to record the tracking info when sending, but in the days of camera phones, that's easy enough.

markem 01-22-2017 12:22 PM

Re: New Postal Rates: Jan 2017
Great info, Vin!

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