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WaRevo 09-17-2014 01:48 PM

OTC Virginia Gold Vanilla
First I want to say this is my first review. Forgive me to start...

Blended by: Scandinavian Tobacco Group
Manufactured By: Lane LTD
Tobacco Type: Black Cavendish and Burley.
Flavoring: Vanilla
Packaging: Plastic bag
Net WT. 9 oz.

First as most know there is a lot of STG and Lane OTC tobaccos out there. I thought I would start with this one and maybe do a few that I own.

Opening this bag i could right off smell Vanilla, The tobacco very moist and honestly looks very nice. It has a Mix cut of Tobacco. Took this tobacco and loaded into my Cob. Thought about drying this but NO lets get this lit up. Take my Zippo and light up my tobacco, Right off I notice this tobacco is very mild in Flavor and Strength. Has some Mellow vanilla flavor and I can taste the mild hint of Burley. This tobacco has a low to mild Vanilla room note. My wife feeling little under the weather today says it is nice and not overwhelming her.

I will say that I am a Very hot smoker and tend to smoke my tobaccos little hot. With the Cob so hot that I can't touch it I was very shocked to find this tobacco with the same mild taste and oddly NO BITE. I will say that I wanted to try a couple of things. One seeing this tobacco gives off loads of smoke even without having any at rest from the bowl that I found odd. I took the Zippo and lite it again while I was smoking it to see what I could get and fondly enough it still had good flavor just the smoke was very hot.

After I smoked 1/2 the bowl I didn't feel the need to run a Pipe cleaner down my stem however I wanted to see what it would show. Expecting it to be black or very dark I was surprised to find very little moisture and only about 1/2" of color was on the cleaner, between med brown to light black.

Not sure if that color of the pipe cleaner is understandable for others and sorry if it isn't. To help, At the end where it went into the bowl just enough to hit the tobacco to where the color stopped was from a hint of black at the tip to slightly brown at the end of just over 1/2" of pipe cleaner..

Retro of this tobacco is very smooth and pleasant. This is a good tobacco for someone new or someone that don't want to smoke away a lot of more costly leaf. I buy and smoke to help with keeping the cost of my better name brand blends down. Seeing I smoke more then I should.


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