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Dgar 11-03-2008 09:12 AM

First tin...
Picked up my first Tin of tobacco.

Samuel Gawth... 1792 flake, I believe thats the year... Im at the office, cant check...

Smoked a bowl last night, and on the advice of the guy working at the B/M, I mixed the 1792/ 50/50 with a flake I picked up in bulk, called 2010.

I enjoyed the mixture, I burned this bowl till there was nothing but a little white ash left in the bowl, looking forward to trying another bowl tonight.

This B/M dosent carry a lot of tins, but they did have Squadrin Leader, If I enjoyed the 1792 flake, do you think the squadrin leader would be a good next choice for a Tin?

Still learning as a newbie to pipes from cigars, so far I've learned just because it smells all tooty fruity dosent mean its going to taste that way, and just because it smells like shoe polish it dosent mean its going to taste bad either.... currently leaning towards the non aromatics, last week it was the aromatics..... ahh the joy of discovery and being a newbie to the pipes.


macms 11-03-2008 09:44 AM

Re: First tin...
Your kill'en me here! I can't wait to smoke a few bowls of baccy so that I can play to! :D

physiognomy 11-03-2008 10:33 AM

Re: First tin...
The bulk flake you picked up was McClelland's #2010 Classic Virginia... Tasty stuff, but I have found it a little bity when fresh, especially if not dried before smoking. Put some away in a jar & forget about it for a year or so (longer the better) & you won't be disappointed imho.

Python 11-03-2008 12:07 PM

Re: First tin...
Squadron Leader is a great tobacco, but it is entirely different from 1792 Flake. The Squadron Leader has Latakia and is an English Blend, the 1792 is flavored with Tonquin and could be classified as an Aromatic.
I would highly recommend the Squadron Leader. Every cigar smoker that I know that has tried it has liked it.

Dgar 11-03-2008 01:26 PM

Re: First tin...
Thanks python, I'll make squadron leader my next tin....

Dont sweat it Fred... you got the Pipes, and the Tobacco is in route.. it wont be long.. We'll be reading your tobacco reviews any day!

Thanks for the info on the 2010, the guys at the B/M raved about it, so i'll take your advice, air out a little the next time I pack my pipe, and I'll be sure to store some away and let it age.

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