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RevSmoke 12-05-2017 06:43 PM

What is your favorite?
OK, so what is your favorite green bean to roast?

Peace of the Lord be with you.

tsolomon 12-06-2017 05:08 AM

Re: What is your favorite?
I'm going with Kenya AA as what I like to drink the most as well as order the most green beans of. I generally roast 2 half pounds of different coffee beans and then switch back and forth between them for a week or so. :cf1

av8tor152d 12-06-2017 05:23 AM

Re: What is your favorite?
Tanzanian pea berry. Such a tasty little bean.

PastRod5 02-11-2019 12:40 AM

Re: What is your favorite?
I like coffee from Kenya with cloves

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