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slickster81 09-21-2012 06:32 AM

Pu Erh for trade
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Hi tea lovers.

A co-worker recently came back from a visit "home" and knowing I really love Puerh, brought me back a load of goodies. Part of the prize were a dozen Tuo's of a nice green Pu of 1997 "vintage".

It has a nice aroma, slight camphor smell (which I like in a green Pu) and appears to be aging quite nicely and evenly. The leaves look quite intact, and I detected a few twigs when I broke one open to sample, but not too many.

It is very flavorful, but you really have to stay on top of water temp and steep times. I wasn't paying attention on one steep (3rd or 4th in a session) and let it go too long, the result was bitter on the back of the palate. I paid attention after that, and found it very enjoyable overall.

I use a 120ml yixing pot and got a solid 8 brews before the aroma started to fall off, after the 10th the flavor was pretty much gone but the color held.

I would like to swap them for some sticks if anyone is up for it. I enjoy powerhouse cigars, mostly Nicaraguan in origin (Joya de Nicaragua, Oliva V, Padron, Perdomo get the drift....)

I have 3 that I am willing (for now at least) to part with. So here's a chance to grab a 15 year old Pu Erh to drink and/or stash for a few more years.

PM me if you're interested and we will work out a swap.

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