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markem 05-14-2017 04:37 PM

Cast iron blues
So I've only cooked with this Lodge 5-qt cast iron dutch over about 10 times and this is about the 8th time that I wished it was bigger.

Is this a common complaint? Note that I am only talking about cast iron cookware. :tu

Tio Gato 05-14-2017 05:09 PM

Re: Cast iron blues
Larger sizes really jump in price. I think it's good to have multiple sizes though. I've scored some nice cast iron at yard sales and church bazaars. Now that it seems the whole world is in a rush I think many have never experienced just how great cast iron is. I got a 12" skillet for less than a buck.:noon:2

pnoon 05-14-2017 05:38 PM

Re: Cast iron blues
Love my cast iron skillets and griddles.
I have the dutch oven but I hardly use it.

CigarNut 05-14-2017 08:16 PM

Re: Cast iron blues
Lori and I have a cooking class at Sur La Table at the end of the month and we will probably pick up a dutch oven afterwards (they give you a 20% discount for taking a class)

DMK 05-15-2017 05:06 PM

Re: Cast iron blues
I've got all of my cast either free from people who don't know how to use it, or cheap at thrift shops or the local buy/sell site. I picked up my 8 Qt. dutch oven for $10. I'd pick up another if I find one.

St. Lou Stu 05-15-2017 08:03 PM

Re: Cast iron blues
I thought the same with my 12" Lodge skillet.
The very first time I used it I thought it was too small. It looked adequate in the store though.

Subvet642 05-16-2017 02:41 PM

Re: Cast iron blues
I have two skillets; a 12" and a 16" and I love them! I'll often heat them up in the oven and do chops or steaks on them.

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