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Steve 01-19-2022 06:31 AM

I wanted to marry an English teacher when she got out of jail. But you can't end a sentence with a proposition.

icehog3 01-19-2022 07:16 AM

Re: Ba-Da-Bing
You marry an English teacher? That's unpossible.

markem 01-19-2022 09:50 AM

Re: Ba-Da-Bing
Left her dangling like a participle.

jonumberone 01-19-2022 10:00 AM

Re: Ba-Da-Bing
Did you want to marry her because she let you use the colon?

Porch Dweller 01-19-2022 01:17 PM

Re: Ba-Da-Bing
These puns are enough to make my dear old grammar cry.

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