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Don Fernando
04-13-2017, 07:45 AM
Need some help:

Which factory made or makes:
5 Vegas Classic
5 Vegas Gold
5 Vegas Gold Maduro
5 Vegas Triple A
5 Vegas Archetype
5 Vegas Series A

I want to update my blog with factory info but don't know who made these sticks

04-13-2017, 08:42 AM
Did search for World Cigars Inc. and found this:

"The 5 Vegas brand (supposedly pronounced “Cinco Vegas”) has an interesting history even though it hasn’t been around very long. It was created in the boom years by World Cigars, Inc., and produced by Kiki Berger in Esteli, Nicaragua. The name evidently came from a story about 5 tobacco growers who came together to produce a single blend.

But like many of the Boom cigars it did not survive into the 21st century. Like Cupido, another of Berger’s blends I was fond of, 5 Vegas was eventually closed out. Keith Meier of Cigars International bought up the rest of the 5 Vegas inventory and scooped up the trademark while he was at it.

Today it is one of CI’s best selling brands, and the full bodied “Series A” line is getting a lot of attention. The old Nicaraguans are now gone, and I hear the new ones are now made by Nestor Plasencia in Honduras.

The information from CI is that this is a three-country blend, though it does not say which three countries, with the exception of the wrapper which is a Costa Rican maduro. It goes on to say that the tobaccos are aged for four years, and the cigars are aged six months further after they are rolled. They are then dressed up nicely in gold and black bands and wrapped in a sheath of cedar."

Don Fernando
04-13-2017, 08:44 AM
Thanks Jason.

How are you doing? Long time no see

04-13-2017, 08:46 AM
Doing good man, bought a house, and finally getting settled back to where I can enjoy some free time and smokes...and start blowing up mail boxes again.

How about yourself ?

Don Fernando
04-15-2017, 05:19 AM
Bought a house, got married so thats good, lost my job and currently unemployed so that's not so good

04-15-2017, 09:02 AM
Bought a house, got married so thats good, lost my job and currently unemployed so that's not so good

Sorry to hear that I was laid off for two years a couple years back, I know that frustration very well. At one point I had over 180 job applications in the works. Heck looking for a job is more work than actually having one I found.

I hope things get back on track for you soon, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask man.