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12-28-2016, 07:21 PM
I'm here at Fort Myers beach visiting some relatives who're down from North Carolina. It was kind of a last second deal and didn't come prepared with ANY cigars. So i looked up some cigar shops and thought cigar hut might be the best place as most shops here are just vape shops advertising as smoke shops. So I make plans to hit cigar hut for a fiver but the traffic and parking are so terrible that I cannot get into cigar hut but a mile down the road where traffic is a little less dense and parking is easier is a "smoke shop" with a walk in humidor. Parking was available so I go into what can only be described as one of the smallest shops i've ever been in. The walk in humidor is roughly 65% of the shop. They have their own brand that they roll and they're quite proud of it as well. So, I go and pick up 4 brand cigars I like and figure as a gesture of good will I pick up a toro of their house brand. She even gave me a discount on the house brand. Their pricing was odd to say the least. everything was $7.99 except for the padron anny's which were all $24.99. didn't matter which padron anny you may have wanted all were $24.99 and everything else $7.99 even their house brand. strangest pricing i've ever seen.

So, last night I decided to try the house brand and made a HUGE mistake. One dimensional and I just gave up halfway through. The taste in my mouth was so horrible I had to clean my mouth and brush my teeth afterwards and even then it didn't purge this awful taste. I had pneumonia a year ago and was coughing up pus and from time to time after coughing up this pus i would reflexively swallow a small amount and it was the worst tasting thing you could ever imagine until the horrible memory came rushing back with this cigar. I literally had to go to a liquor store to purchase gasolin......i mean jack daniels just in an attempt to purge this taste. I may be suffering from PTCD (Post Traumatic Cigar Disorder) and I'm considering Heroin for treatment and possibly suicide and the sweet relief of death to help me get past this cigar.

Moral of the story, at a beach smoke shop that rolls and sells their own brand in fort myers you should avoid at all cost no matter how much of a discount they give you. my only relief from this horrible trauma has been being forced to watch beautiful women in VERY small bikinis walk past the back of the rental house all day. I don't know how I'll survive but I guess as they say.......one day at a time. :D

12-28-2016, 09:17 PM
Suffice it to say I am 99.999% sure I never would have bought one.

But now I am 100% certain.

12-28-2016, 10:18 PM
I'm glad i could clarify your position on this. I should be a politician! ;)