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10-23-2016, 04:37 PM
Got a couple of these from Garbandz. Thanks brutha!

Nice looking cigar. Nice wrapper. Heavy in the hand. Nice easy cut, absolutely perfect draw. A very well rolled cigar.

First few draws...Wow. Nice flavor. A noticeable sweetness on the draw. Not a lot of bite in the nostrils but lots of flavor. A bit of spice. Sweet and a teeeny bit of grass on the finish.

About 1" in...a couple of small burn corrections. The sweetness is still present on the draw. Nose exhale has a bit of what I describe as "baking spice". That's the best description I can use.

About 2" in...dominant flavors are the same, just a bit more "strength" and a touch more bite in the nostrils. I am enjoying this cigar so far. Solid ash at 2". Another small burn correction but nothing major.

About halfway...the sweetness is still there but has subsided a bit. The baking spice is still present in the nose exhale. The grass on the finish is gone. This cigar is very smooth. No harshness at all. It's very flavorful, but not one of those exxxtra fuerte super ligero bombs that have become popular.

A little past halfway...unfortunately, I'm getting a bit of ammonia at this point. I snuffed 'er out just past the halfway point. That sucks, because I was really enjoying the cigar.

Final thoughts...this cigar showed promise. I still have a toro. I'm gonna let it rest in the humi for a few months and revisit. Thanks Garbandz! :tu

10-23-2016, 04:43 PM
Thanks for the review Mark. I have a 10pk snakin and weavin its way to my location. I'll post-up a little something upon arrival:tu