View Full Version : Romeo y Julieta Club Kings

07-01-2016, 11:33 AM
Help me, folks... I'm clinging to a dream!

The recently departed (murdered in cold blood by heartless government functionaries, RIP) Romeo y Julieta Corona was often a spectacular cigar and it's one I sorely miss.

Today, I'm living in the faint hope that the flavor profile of the upcoming Romeo y Julieta Club Kings production re-release will in some way resemble it. However, I'm getting nowhere trying to research the :c stick.

Has anyone tried a pre-release sample or had the fortune to have some experience with the earlier incarnation of this vitola (disco'd in the '80's)? Or, for extra credit, if there's anyone who's done both, I'd be really curious to hear how the new version compares to the old!

I'm sure, like usual, there's just not enough info out there and I'll simply have to sit on my butt and be patient, but... let me down easy, folks. :gary