View Full Version : Casa Torano tubo

06-21-2016, 04:35 PM
Nice looking cigar. Nice size at 6.5" X 46.

These look better, are built better, and burn better than the mass-produced robustos of the same line that you can get on C-bid and Cigar Auctioneer for $9/5-pack or $25/10-pack. I hope I don't open a can of worms with that statement, but anyone who thinks that there isn't a difference in quality or blend in those thousands of 5 and 10-packs is a noob.

Anyway, this is a fantastic smoke. Mild, yes, but lots of flavor. Nice aroma. This is a cigar that your wife wouldn't complain about smelling. I've noticed that certain tubed cigars will absorb more flavor from the cedar sleeve inside the tube, and the Casa Torano tubo is one of them. Noticeable woodsy flavor, especially in the nose. A bit of cream and mild spice on the finish. Good burn with only a couple of minor corrections.

No big surprises or twists and turns with this cigar. It's a mild Connecticut wrap cigar. At just over $4/stick retail, it's a solid value and (from my experience) a consistent smoke in both blend and construction.