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02-08-2016, 04:43 PM
For some reason, seeing the name of this cigar, I thought it was a Rocky Patel cigar. So I ignored it. But upon finding out that it's a Drew Estate cigar, I decided to give it a try.

This is a well constructed 6X52 toro with a Cameroon wrapper. It's nice and heavy in the hand, but the draw is absolutely perfect.

First few draws...earth and spice in the nostrils. On the mild side of medium "strength".

About 1" in...sweetness on the draw, the same earthy spice in the nostrils, and sweet floral on the finish. Solid medium "strength" at this point. Good burn.

About 2" in...sweetness has intensified a bit. I do enjoy that about Cameroon-wrap cigars. Overall flavors are about the same, just kicked up a tiny notch. The aroma of the cigar is very nice.

About halfway...dominant flavors are still the same, but the finish has taken on a tangy and woodsy note. Enjoying the cigar so far.

A little past halfway...flavors have started changing up and gaining more depth. The sweetness is subsiding, tangy and woodsy flavors becoming more pronounced. A hint of cinnamon in the nostrils and a hint of a sort of liquor flavor on the finish.

Toward the end...sweetness has come back stronger. Earth and spice in the nostrils. The sweetness remains on the palate between draws, and coupled with the spice and cinnamon creates a sort of baking spice flavor. I let 'er die at about 1.5".

Final thoughts: Although this is no Liga Privada, the Nirvana is another winner for Drew Estate. This cigar wasn't a quadruple ligero bomb, so it's perfect for a first cigar of the day or a midday smoke.


02-10-2016, 04:34 AM
Sounds interesting Mark. Thanks for the review homie.

Porch Dweller
02-10-2016, 06:13 AM
Nice review. Adding one to my "to try" list.

02-10-2016, 07:32 PM
Good review man. Never even heard of that stick before.