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01-06-2016, 10:38 PM
Tatascan is a new-ish Honduran puro from CLE (the Eiroa family). I personally think the Eiroas are good blenders, so I was happy to snap up a couple of these on C-bid and give them a try.

Appearance is nice. Boxed-pressed, light brown wrapper similar in appearance to Connecticut Broadleaf. Decent weight in the hand; neither heavy nor light. Nice, easy cut. Good draw.

First few draws...sweet creamy spice on the draw, woodsy in the nose and on the finish. Hard to explain, but even though there's a prominent spice, it's a mild sensation. It's not the typical full-bodied blast of spice in the nostrils.

About 1" in...similar flavors and aromas, but now with a noticeable sweetness on the draw. This cigar is mild, but flavorful. It's a refreshing change, because I'm used to (and I love) mild Connecticut wrap cigars, so to experience a mild cigar with a much different flavor profile is a nice change of pace. Decent burn so far, only one minor touchup needed.

About 2" in...flavors going back and forth between sweet/mild spice and woodsy. Not a bad smoke so far, but not super exciting either.

About halfway...dominant flavors are the same, with a bit of a tangy flavor in the nose and a bit of an earthy flavor creeping in on the finish. I'm enjoying this cigar, but there's no "wow" factor so far.

A little past halfway...flavors and aromas are about the same, but the "strength" has picked up a bit. A bit of a liquor flavor on the finish.

Toward the end...similar to the halfway point. Liquor flavor on the finish is a bit more prominent. I drowned this cigar at about 1.5".

Final thoughts...a nice smoke, but not something I'll go out of my way to get again. I paid $2/stick for these on C-Bid. I'd buy more of them at that price.


Tio Gato
01-07-2016, 04:38 AM
Spot-on review! Great morning cigar. C-Bid is the way to get 'em. I wouldn't pay full retail, but at two bucks it's worth it.:2